In highly competitive corporate environment, achieving a leadership position in an Organization the budding managers need to develop a strong vision for their companies, apart from having a terrific sense of commitment, professional expertise, determination, great motivational skills and leadership qualities. According to the growth rate of India in terms of purchasing power parity, it implies that India will be a Global leader in the economic arena, in the coming decades. For this, the Government of India needs to support the Indian organizations with suitable pro people & pro-Indian policies, which would help Indian organizations in becoming stronger to compete in the world market successfully. Future leaders should be aware of this and not remain intellectually handicapped. The University strives for these commitments and continuously endeavors to educate its students and associates on such issues with the belief that sooner or later, structured economic independence can be achieved through a combined effort.


MBA/ Semester 1

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL MBA 101 Managerial Economics 0
DL MBA 102 Management Concepts and Organization Behavior 0
DL MBA 103 Managerial Accounting 0
DL MBA 104 Quantitative Techniques for Managers 0
DL MBA 105 Introduction to Information Technology 0

MBA/ Semester 2

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL MBA 201 Financial Management 0
DL MBA 202 Production and Operations Management 0
DL MBA 203 Business Research Methods 0
DL MBA 204 Human Resource Management 0
DL MBA 205 Marketing Management 0

MBA/ Semester 3 - Finance

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL MBA FM 301 Management Control Systems 0
DL MBA FM 302 Security Analysis &Portfolio Management 0
DL MBA FM 303 International Finance 0
DL MBA FM 304 Corporate Finance 0
DL MBA FM 305 Management of Financial Services 0

MBA/ Semester 3 - HR

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL MBA HR 301 Performance Appraisals Management 0
DL MBA HR 302 Training & Development 0
DL MBA HR 303 International HRM 0
DL MBA HR 304 Managing Change Through Organizational Development 0
DL MBA HR 305 Managerial Leadership 0

MBA/ Semester 3 - Marketing

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL MBA MKT 301 Sales &Distribution Management 0
DL MBA MKT 302 Advertising & Brand Management 0
DL MBA MKT 303 International Marketing Management 0
DL MBA MKT 304 Marketing Of Services 0
DL MBA MKT 305 Consumer Behaviour 0

MBA/ Semester 4

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL MBA 401 Business Law and Corporate Governance 0
DL MBA 402 International Business 0
DL MBA 403 Entrepreneurial Management 0
DL MBA 404 Strategic Management & Ethics 0
DL MBA 405 Project Report 0