Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA through extensive coverage of the study of Business administration in its curriculum, provides the students specific knowledge from the fields of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Technology, Hospitality or any other field of business. A three year full time BBA program is an intensive, rigorous and selective course designed to provide each student with the intellectual and professional skills needed to assume positions of higher responsibilities. The program is focused at developing strong foundation for business fundamentals and enhancing conceptual skills to understand the basics of problem solving and encourages students to develop their own unique style of leadership. The importance of BBA can be estimated easily by knowing the requirements to be a part of the corporate sector. To work with corporate giants is not very easy now a day. A Bachelors degree in Business Administration also gives strong foundation for further extension in an MBA degree program.


BBA/Semester 1

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL BBA 101 Business Communication 0
DL BBA 102 Business Law 0
DL BBA 103 Business Statistics 0
DL BBA 104 Financial Accounting 0
DL BBA 105 Principles of Management 0

BBA/ Semester 2

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL BBA 201 Business environment 0
DL BBA 202 Cost Accounting 0
DL BBA 203 Industrial Law 0
DL BBA 204 Managerial Economics 0
DL BBA 205 Organizational Behaviour 0

BBA/ Semester 3

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL BBA 301 Company Law 0
DL BBA 302 Indian Economy 0
DL BBA 303 Marketing for Managers 0
DL BBA 304 Production & Material Management 0
DL BBA 305 Management Accounting 0

BBA/ Semester 4

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL BBA 401 Human Resource Management 0
DL BBA 402 Marketing Research 0
DL BBA 403 International Marketing 0
DL BBA 404 Management Information System 0
DL BBA 405 Financial Management 0

BBA/ Semester 5

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL BBA 501 Quantitative Methods for Managers 0
DL BBA 502 Rural Marketing 0
DL BBA 503 Element of Taxes 0
DL BBA 504 Project Planning and Control 0
DL BBA 505 Project 0

BBA/ Semester 6

Subject Code Subject Name credit
DL BBA 601 Modern Business Practices and Strategies 0
DL BBA 602 Business Ethics 0
DL BBA 603 Entrepreneurship Development 0
DL BBA 604 Banking and Insurance 0
DL BBA 605 Comprehensive Viva Voice 0